Did you know? 
 Bubble or shrink wrapping your shipment takes the liability off the carrier and places it on you?  True! 

Did you know? If wrapping the equipment impairs the driver's ability to fully inspect the equipment,  the driver cannot be held accountable for any hidden damages.  True! 

Did you know?  If wrapped, there is NO way to tell if damage occurred at origin, in transit or after delivery has been accomplished.  True!

It is an Espie Service Group suggestion to let the carrier be responsible.  There are some things better left unwrapped! 

Ask us about our "RED SHEET" protection program;  the Espie Service Group's proactive answer to an industry flaw!

Company Overview                                                   

One of the many reasons corporate clients gravitate toward the Espie Service Group is due to our ability to offer a comprehensive approach to their transportation and logistics needs. Each of our  corporations draw upon the collective strength of the others to deliver transportation and logistics solutions for our customers.

As an independent transportation company and one of the most capable
Woman Owned Business Enterprises (WBE),   we are proud of our capacity to  provide corporate customers with quality-driven solutions for all their domestic and international logistic needs. Our diverse umbrella of services allow us to be creative and efficient in providing customized alternatives to meet individual requirements! 

The Espie Service Group is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality performance with consistent service at every level of our organization. We are confident that our resources and performance with transportation services will serve you and your clients well above industry standards.

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